Best Essential Oil Brands 2019

Which Are The Best Essential Oil Brands In 2019?

Each year the demand for essential oils grows as more people are looking for natural alternatives to harmful and addictive medication. They have been used for centuries for a whole range of reasons, varying from sleep aid, increased focus, reducing headaches, stress, anxiety and much more. With so many options the only issue is trying to distinguish between the bad quality oils and the best essential oil brands.

With the explosion of interest in essential oils in the last few years, many more new brands have come on the scene. All promising a huge range of benefits and promises. Our job is to thoroughly test and review the best essential oil brands to make sure they live up to their promises.

What are Essential Oils?

The short answer is, plant extracts. They are created from a distillation process. This means that we are left with the heart and soul of the plant, refined so we can reap the huge natural benefits provided by sweet mother nature. People have been doing this process for thousands of years to harvest the goodness, mental and physical health benefits. It's worth finding out the best essential oil brands in the market to give yourself the best results!.

As with most form of natural medication it hasd fallen by the wayside, however no with people now moving avay from big brand fix all medications provided by the pharmicitical industry and now being able to educate themselves easier through online research, we have seen a resrgance of essential oils.

How to Use Essential Oils?

There two most common ways of using essential oils are to put them directly on your skin or aromatherapy. to use them in an essential oil diffuser to inhale. You need to follow instructions carefully when putting anything on your skin, you can easily get some irritation if the extract is not diluted.

If you choose the aromatherapy method (my personal favourite) you can use an essential oil diffuser, essential oil necklace or in a simple spray bottle and spray your area. These methods are incredible for sleep, meditation and relaxation. Below I break down our 2019 recommendations.

What are best essential oils for mediation?

Who are best essential oil companies for anxiety?

Who are the best essential oil  companies for stress

The best essential oil brand for sleep..

Best essential oil brands of 2019

What Can I Use Essential Oils For & What are the benifits of essential oils?

They are know to have hundreds of uses for a whole range or physical and mental ailments, some of the more common modern uses are to increase quality of sleep, relaxation, digestion, relieving headaches, increasing energy and focus. When using an essential oil diffuser to inhale these plant extracts into our system the best essential oil brands can help support the respiratory system and circulatory systems.

In addition to the vast health benefits they can also be used in skincare and to cure a range of skin ailments. The key is choosing the right plant for the right job. Trial and error is key, luckily we have done all the work for you.

Who are the best essential oil brands? 

There are no one fits all solution when it comes to choosing the best essential oil brand, you have to carefully decide on the best fit depending on what you are looking to achieve. As a rule of thumb, make sure it's an organic essential oil. If you're going to be putting an essential oil on your skin for example, you will need to make sure it is made without additives, chemicals or nasty pesticides.. Remember if you would not put it in your body, don't put it on your body!

The most reputable essential oil companies are the ones that have stood the test of time and are still around, it is not a regulated industry so there are many charlatans with bad products are out there.

This list consists only of the most reputable essential oil companies in 2019

Best essential oil brands available today, the definitive guide!

1) Barefüt essential oils

Barefüt essential oils are one of the best essential oil companies in the market at a very affordable price. All their products are organic Their essential oils are really high quality but from our experience and a lot of similar reviews, Barefüt essential oil diffusers are not the best quality so we do not recommend them for their.

2) Jade Bloom Essential oils

Although they are not the most premium products, the reason it is on the best essential oil brand list not just for their very reasonable prices but for the reason they offer a free essential oil course. For the price of their products the product is as good as you could hope. So if you are looking for an entry level essential oil then this could be you best starting point.

3) Doterra essential oils

You may have heard of DoTerra essential oils, they are one of the best essential oil companies in the market. They are a high quality, high price brand. Their vast range of essential oils make them one of the best essential oil brands out there with regards to the quality of ingredients. if you're really know what you want and are looking for something high end then Doterra essential oils are a good option.

4) Rocky Mountain Essential Oils (NB 36000)

Rocky mountains essential oils offer over 60 blends so they have a massive selection. All of their oils are tested by a 3rd party so you know they can be trusted and are fully transparent with all their products. Again they are in the higher price bracket, but with rock mountain oils you know that you are getting the quality that you pay for.

5) Artisan Aromatics essential oils

One of the things that help these guys stand out is there use of a complex essential oil technique called enfleurage. This is a more complex form of extraction to get the essential oil from the flower, it enables them to extract the oils from more fragile flower. This gives them the ability the sell a wider range of essential oils. They offer a whopping 150 different types to experiment with.

6) Young Living Essential Oils

In our opinion these are in the top 3 best essential oil brands out there. They are very expensive compared to some of the more mid range brands. Again though you get your money worth, they have some of the best quality essential oils available. If you have the money, go with these guys!

7) Radha Essential Oils

As an essential oil company based in Singapore they have direct access to the best ingredients, this helps them ensure that 100% of their products are organic. They have a huge range or excellent organic essential oils and diffusers.

They are a relatively new company, but definitely worth seeing if you can find something in your price range.

8) Art Natural Essential Oil

Art natural are a company out of LA, they offer all types of care based products, their products are decent value for the price. They are a good option if you are looking for quick delivery and reasonable prices.

9) Pure Body Natural (100% Organic)

Another completely organic essential oil brand, they have a nice range of products for self care. There products are organic and natural so are another great essential oil brand.

10) Natrogix

One thng we really like abou these guys is that they have packages of all their best oils in seperate kits. They are a great gift idea. The Natrogix Bliss package contains nine of their most popular oils in one package while Natrogix Nirvana has 18 of them to try out. They are a great way to sample a lot of essential oils in one reasonably priced pack.

11) Bel Air Naturals

Similar to Natrogix essential oils these guys have aromatherapy sets too so you can try a lot of products in a bundle pack at a good price.

12) Healing Solutions

Another great brand in the low budget range. They have a nice selection of essential oils however a reason they get bonus points is that they also have a fantastic, efund policy, so if you try their oils and are not happy they will give you your money back.

13) Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Another of the very best essential oil brands on our list, again because all of their essential oils are tested by a third party so you can be sure that they are a very high standard. The price for the quality of Plant Therapy Essential Oils is where they take the lead. You get and amazing standard of essential oils for the price. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

14) Aura Cacia

One of the oldest brands on our list and a very well established essential oil brand for a good reason. For over 20 years they have been creating top quality essential oils. Their product are of extremely high standard, however this is reflected in their price. If you want to go with a proven brand, these are your guys!

15) Edens Garden

They have 150+ of the best essential oils for you to chose and they prioritize the freshness of their product . They They are known t obe one of the best essential oil companies in the market because of their super high standard of production used in their essential oils.

16) Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils

Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils are another 100% organic essential oil brand and are one of the most environmentally friendly essential oil companies in the market. They are very expensive but are completely worth it if you're looking for the very best from your essential oil brand,

17) NOW Foods Essential Oils

They are the oldest essential oil company on our list, dating back over 50 years they are a brand that can be trusted and offer only the highest quality essential oils. They have a large range of very fresh oils at excellent prices. If you are starting out, it is always nice to know that you can trust the company knows what they are doing, at with so much experience and a strong reputation, these guys certainly know what they are doing.

18) Majestic Pure

Majestic Pure are a cheap and cheerful essential oil. A great company with wonderful support for their customers and real bang for your buck! They are a good quality oil for the money they charge, they also give more in a bottle than most of the others on this list so you wont have to order it too often, if you like changing your oil often then you might look at another cheap brand that has smaller sizes available to try out.

19) ArOmis Essential Oils

ArOmis Essential Oils are on of the best essential oil brands to begin with as they offer a kit that lets you try 6 diffrent essential oils. So you will get a lot more variety for your money. Something we love! Another reason we recommend these guys is becasue they have the best essential oil diffuser selection in the market , they have some of the best products available at the moment so make sure to check them out.

20) Butterfly Express essential oil

Butterfly Express essential oils are an American essential oil brand that has a huge selection of straight oils and a huge range of essential oils blends to try out. They have very pure essential oils on offer and for the price they are worth checking out. They have over 80 blends to consider so you will be spoilt for choice. Like the brands that stand behind their product quality, butterfly express also have a great money back guarantee in case you are not happy with anything.

21) Plant Guru essential oils

Plant Guru essential oils are possibly top of the most reputable essential oil brands out there, and for good reason. They have been around for a long time and are an ethical organic oil company and 100% organic. Something that is vital in and should be expected. For both quality and price they are also unbeatable. So if you are consideing trying an essential oil brand out, I would start by looking into these guys.

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